Our commitment

At Delco we are dedicated to developing Myanmar's mining industry to international standards while maintaining abreast of incorporating sustainable development at the core of all our operations.


To build a world class mining business, Delco's core strategy is to own and operate long-life, low-cost, expandable projects with a focus on value and growth. This enables us to diversify and adapt to enhance our services resulting in robust financial performance. It also allows us to invest in and grow our business throughout various economic cycles thereby delivering greater longterm value to our stakeholders and communities in which we operate.

Technological deficiency has long been Myanmar's cross to bear, having resulted from many years of failed socialism, military rule and international sanctions. As the geopolitical cloud of isolation dissipates, we at Delco are hopeful that the tide is turning.

Delco will continue to invest in longterm projects, which will provide a much-needed boost to regional employment while generating demand for services and materials from both national and international suppliers. Although as a business we work for profitable returns on investment, we also do our utmost to ensure the benefits of our operations reach the local community and contribute towards the national economic development.

We believe that with a capital injection for improved technology and technical expertise it could increase our own productivity and profitability by 30-40%. This would make us a contender on the global stage.

Till date we have invested over US $ 106 million. Our investments range from building a new factory and installing new machinery, to building a hydro dam and installing hydroelectric power that supplies our sites and local communities. We have also committed towards the environmental protection programmes, social development work and employment of local residents.

Myanmar is our home and here at Delco we are proud to have the opportunity to make a significant contribution towards its economic prosperity.


Research and development

In carrying out our objective to champion the modernisation of the Myanmar mining sector, Delco considers research and development as a major part of our operations.

Our Research and Development Department focuses on ensuring the quality of minerals that we produce complies with international standards while creating sustainable values to be embedded as set processes in the way Delco operates. Delco regularly partners with businesses and industrial experts to access innovative technical insights to improve our productivity, delivery and value. Through these partnerships, we work with leading experts in areas like automation, mineral processing, hydro processing and reducing environmental impact. This practice gives us a competitive edge from other local players.

Most recently we have partnered with AMC Consultants Pty Ltd. of Australia signing an agreement to attain Independent Qualified Person's Report (IQPR). AMC and its chief geologists are currently conducting field survey at our mine sites.

We are also partnering with Process System Development Inc. from the United States to develop and install an upgraded metal purification system at our factory.

Our strategic programme aims to apply innovative technologies that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve health, safety and environmental performance. The investment of over US $ 7 million into our research and development programme combined with application of innovative technical expertise and injection of key resource, we aim to increase our productivity significantly in the coming years.