As the leading national mining company, the environment is very important to our business. The nature of our industry means we carry out our activities in the natural surrounding. We are conscious of the affects our business can make on the environment and the way it touches the lives of many people - including our employees, our host communities, our suppliers and our customers.

Delco has full respect for the environment and we work hard to diminish the impact on it. Our strategy is to establish and follow though set plans to ensure long-term environmental protection as part of all our operations.

We have adopted practical solutions to keep our own impacts to minimum level. We are improving our operations to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions. We have developed an Environmental Management Programme, incorporating input from our local communities and industrial experts.

We are also committed to develop and maintain strong relationships with conservation organization in order to protect biological ecosystem and conserve nature for future generation. Delco is working hard to protect the environment and we will continuously strive to develop effective ways to save resources, reduce waste and minimize negative impact to our surrounding.


Delco is uniquely positioned to provide recycling solutions for metal-bearing scraps, residues and consumer scrap materials. Recycled metal are sourced from manufactured metal products and is just as lustrous and mined metal. We have worked with numerous customers to develop recycling solutions for manufacturing waste and end - of - life products, thereby enabling effective product life cycle management programs.


Energy and Water

Water is used at every stage of our business as well as to generate hydroelectric power. Being able to obtain suitable quality and efficient volume of water is essential for our operations. Having access to continuous water supply is not only essential to our operations but also for the communities and surrounding ecosystems. Hence water conservation and water quality protection is imperative of our mining company. We are developing and implementing strategies to minimize water usage requirements and maximize water recycling.

Equally, energy is key in running the machinery and equipment in all parts of our operations. Access to power is also a necessity for our operations to function as well as for the development of the communities.

One key project included in our Environmental Management Programme is the development of Delco's 320 KW Hydropower Supply. This project also consists of building 500 million gallons capacity Sinyat Dam and stage 2 Balu Dam with a competent water delivery system. As part of this project we have also built a trailing pond to ensure the safety and quality of water discharged to the environment.

The project now delivers electrical power supply to both our mine site in Dawei, as well as transport water supply to support our mine operations. Surplus water from our mining site goes to our local communities, where it is used for agriculture, livestock farming and domestic purposes.

Till date Delco has invested a total of over US $ 20 millions (Hydroelectric Power : US $ 5 millions and Dam and Water Supply System: US $ 15 millions) on the hydropower project. The project helps Delco to be both a responsible user and a producer of energy and water supplies.

Delco plans to continue working with our stakeholders, the community and industrial experts to manage impacts and look for opportunities to provide clean drinking water as well as improve both water and energy supplies in the regions that we operate.


As the global population increase, the need for land-based resources will also grow. Competing demands for land usage will also rise between different industries such as mining and agriculture. Although mining is a temporary use of the land, it can still create impacts.

Aside from ensuring safe surplus and waste water, other key aspects of pollution prevention for mining industry is soil protection and land remediation.

Delco recognizes this issue and as part of our Environmental Management Programme, has set up plan to rehabilitate used land and develop alternative usage after mining. The plan focuses to ensure sustainable protection of the land that we work on.

One of the activities Delco conduct to rejuvenate the land as well as improve air quality is plant trees on the excavated soil and introduce a 'green belt' around our mine site. The trees help capture and diffuse dust, offset CO2 emissions and increase local biodiversity to develop the used land for rehabilitation. Some areas of the re-cultivated land are returned to native vegetation, which will become habitat for natural wildlife. Till date, we have planted 400 trees from 3 varieties in an area surrounding our Dawei site.

We have also developed an agricultural programme to farm fish and livestock such as cows and goats which involves training and employing members of the local community. Our aim is to provide skills set that will benefit individuals to retain a sustainable livelihood.