Our People

At Delco, we recognize that the success of our business is due entirely to the dedication and experience of our people. We employ over 320 staff nationwide. Our teams combine many years of experience while retaining youthful attitude and enthusiasm to explore new grounds.

We are also dedicated to creating a diverse business where everyone is given equal opportunities to develop their careers and progress in their chosen fields. We work with our employees to help them fulfill their potential, by providing opportunities for career advancement. We offer employees educational opportunities, career and skills development combined with attractive salaries.

Many Delco employees are part of our succession planning programme, which provides employees with a chance to increase their knowledge. The programme offers employees opportunities to go on international training studies abroad as well as take part in national courses and on the job training. We encourage personal development through education and professional training so that employees can maintain and improve their work related skill and capabilities for a long term career prospect. Delco also offers a bonus incentive program that is competitive within the industry.

We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled workforce and the willingness to pass these skills on to the next generation of miners. Our people are the future of our industry.

We strive to treat all our people and our clients with respect, fairness and integrity.


Come join Delco

Our people are the key factor to the success of our business. Recruiting and retaining the best people is critical for sustaining our business. We are constantly looking for new ideas and new employees whom will bring us into the bright future. At Delco, we recognize that our ability to achieve our objectives is directly tied to the talents, skills and commitment of our employees. We provide vocational program for permanent employees benefitting the advancement of their career. We endeavour to provide employees with a dynamic and diverse work environment.

Come join us to be part of Myanmar's leading mining company and help create the mining industry of the future.

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