Whereever we operate, our business lends us not only to form a close relationship with the environment but also with the local communities. Our stakeholders are our top priority. Stakeholders include our employees, clients, government and members of the local communities.

Delco is devoted to dealing with our stakeholders openly, responsibly and sincerely. Effective interactive communication and engagement is fundamental to understand and address stakeholder issues and concerns.

Delco regularly contributes towards the community's and stakeholders needs. We have invested in community social infrastructure in Greater Yangon Region and Tanintharyi Division. We are a significant employer in our host regions, investing in infrastructure that can be shared with local communities. We generate economic and social development through local procurement, job creation, training and skills transfer. We support community programmes in a sustainable way by helping build local capacity.

We also believed that that the minerals and metals we produced from our mines contribute towards society's needs in creating products for everyday usage including health care and communications equipment.

Till date Delco has contributed US $ 500,000 towards social development programmes enriching the communities in which work. Delco aims to work towards a harmonious environment for our society.

Some activities that we have lead and contributed since 2007 includes:

  • building and repairing road and bridges
  • constructing and repairing school buildings
  • funding library building projects
  • repairing pagodas, temples and monasteries
  • repairing of churches
  • building and funding prayer and meditation buildings
  • donating and supplying building materials and equipment for flood victims
  • donating food supplies for under-developed villages
  • funding food and nutrition programmes for children
  • funding donation programmes for the elderlies
  • funding and developing landscaping projects for public use
  • funding and supplying vehicles and machineries for village waste clearing projects
  • funding and donating pipes and materials for village sewage system
  • supplying equipments and soil for construction of village cemetery
  • donating and supplying stationary, text books and furniture for schools
  • creating trust funds for maintenance of cultural buildings
  • sponsoring town football matches and other sporting events
  • sponsoring the towns light festival
  • sponsoring sports event such as the 7th ASEAN Para Games, Myanmar 2014